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What is it?

Map of Strength is a directory of top gyms for enthusiast lifters and strength-sport competitors.

When away from home it’s difficult to find a good gym to train at. Especially if you are an enthusiast or if you compete in a strength sport like Strongman, Powerlifting, Weightlifting or Bodybuilding.

We love strength sports. And we want to see them grow. One of the ways we can do this is by making it easier to find and visit the best places to train.

Can I add my gym?

Of course! Anyone is welcome to submit as many gyms as they want, but all submissions are manually approved to make sure only suitable gyms are added to the list.

You can submit a gym for approval here.

What's the criteria for a gym to be added?

The most basic screening is whether or not you can use chalk. If you can't, we probably won't add it to the list.

We're looking for gyms that cater to Strongman, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, and any combination thereof. Think more 'hardcore' gyms. The people that train there likely compete in a strength sport.

Next, we look at the equipment the gym has. Strongman gyms tend to have equipment for many different events - yokes, farmer's handles, logs, atlas stones, monster dumbbells, axles, sandbags, and so on.

Powerlifting gyms tend to have calibrated plates, platforms, monolifts, competition style benches, chains, bands, and specialty bars.

Weightlifting gyms have barbells with bearings (in men's and women's sizes), jerk blocks, platforms, and bumper plates.

Whereas bodybuilding gyms will be filled with specialized machines and equipment designed to isolate muscle groups. They might also have a posing area.

The very best gyms on the site tend to have a fantastic community and atmosphere. They're friendly, supportive, and love their sport. And rather than staring at a stranger who comes into the gym, the members are more likely to ask if you need a spot. On top of that, the gym may host competitions + have teams of competitors.

Day passes or drop-in availability is a huge bonus too. After all people will be using the map to find a good gym when they're traveling away from their regular gym. One of the main reasons we built the site was to help with this exact problem.

Finally, most of the gyms are independently owned and run. It's not a requirement, it just happens to be that the gyms that fit best are generally not franchises.

I have a question that wasn't answered here

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